Balanced Life

“. . . I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” – the Apostle Paul (Acts 20:24 NIV)

At LCI, we desire to see every member of Christ’s Body run the race well and to complete the task that the Lord has placed before them. Unfortunately, however, maintaining one’s balance while pursuing that task can prove difficult given today’s hectic life-style and an all too often unbalanced approach to living.  Pursuing the “American dream” frequently results in a stress filled life with little time remaining for the pursuit of one’s spiritual and physical well-being. Thus we end up depleted; unable to successfully complete our assigned task within the Body of Christ.

It was for this very reason that LCI developed Balanced Life, an approach to living that combines the various tools you need to fine-tune your life both spiritually and physically, thus allowing you to not only run the race, but to do it well.

What is a “balanced life”?

In order to be physically fit, we must balance our workouts so as to address all major muscle groups. Focusing on just one set of muscles (the biceps, for example), can through the bodies muscular and skeletal structures out of balance. This is why fitness trainers emphasize the importance of balanced workouts, with special attention given to the core muscle groups located in the back, hips, and abdominals.

But physical fitness is just one aspect of our lives. There is, for example, our faith. Are we balanced spiritually? And what of our family life? Are we in balance with those who are dear to us? And this should extend to friendships as well. Are all of these elements in balance?

At LCI, we have reduced a well-balanced life to a simple equation:

                                      FAITH + FAMILY + FRIENDSHIP + FITNESS  =  FINISHING WELL 

On the left side of the equal sign are the core aspects of an individual’s life. On the right is our goal: to live life to the fullest and to finish life well. The challenge in reaching our goal is to keep the core in balance.  If any core aspect of our life gets out of whack, it can throw us off balance, thereby keeping us from our goal. And life is anything but static. Life fluctuates, thus causing us to always be seeking our balance.

So, what are these core values?

Faith:   Prayer and devotional life; our relationship with other believers; our calling and purpose.

Family:  Marriage; parenting; our purpose as a family.

Friendships:  Enjoying healthy relationships with others.

Fitness:  Healthy nutrition; functional fitness.

In order to address each of these core values, LCI conducts Balanced Life events, each with a slightly different theme. After enjoying some healthy physical activity such as stand up paddle boarding or a short hike, event participants enjoy the insightful teaching of someone well versed in the challenges of maintaining balance in one of the primary core areas. For example, on a recent outing, several pastors enjoyed a vigorous water work out and then had the opportunity to hear from Jim Kermath of Quest Coaching on the danger signs of “pastor burnout”.

But Balanced Life events go beyond the events of the day. Participants are able to develop key relationships with other like-minded individuals . . . always a key to living a balanced life!

Balanced Life events can take place just about anywhere, though we like to get people outside where they can enjoy some healthful exercise. And these events work well for organizations both large and small. We cater to families, business leaders, clergy, school and church groups. Whether it’s a few hours in the morning before work, or a week long retreat in an exotic location, a Balanced Life event can be tailored to your group’s needs.