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1st Quarter Newsletter 2016

Dear Friends,

I pray this finds you well and that you are enjoying a good start to the New Year.

I haven’t communicated with you for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a lot going on. As some of you already know, I ruptured my Patella tendon during the annual Lennon Family football game on Thanksgiving day. I had surgery the following week and thereafter began a six (6) month healing process. Unfortunately, that process was interrupted by an ensuing infection in my knee. All in all, it has been a very hard and humbling start to the New Year. But I want to quickly add that God is good and faithful! Though hampered physically, it has been a very rich time for me spiritually, allowing me to spend significantly more time in prayer as I sought the Lord’s will for LCI and my family in the coming year.

Over the past few months, I have been reminded by the Lord of the call upon Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem upon completion of Israel’s 70 Year exile in Babylon. From my perspective, the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, serves to represent the Lord’s calling upon LCI. Like Nehemiah, we too serve as a catalyst to unify believers by connecting pastors and ministry leaders, thereby allowing the Church to serve the needs of our respective communities as the united Body of Christ.

But as I delved deeper in prayer, I began to realize that the Lord was using my recovery time to remind me of another very important truth: We cannot rebuild our communities or do any good work of service for the Lord without first establishing an altar of prayer and worship. Without belaboring my point, this is precisely why God first sent Ezra to Jerusalem. Before the walls could be rebuilt, Ezra had to rebuild the temple and re-establish the daily functions of worship among the Levites.

In human terms, it seems more logical that Nehemiah should first rebuild the wall, thereby allowing Ezra to complete his task in relative safety, free from the persecution of those who might have opposed such a move. But God’s ways are not the ways of man, and it is through the combined stories of Ezra and Nehemiah that we are reminded today that the physical transformation we long for in our cities must be preceded by spiritual transformation. There is no fulfillment of the Nehemiah call to rebuild our cities without an Ezra-like obedience to rebuild the spiritual altars. First we experience spiritual transformation, and then we can experience the physical transformation.

Over the course of this next year, LCI will continue to encourage pastors and ministry leaders to come together in small groups for the purpose of praying and establishing relationships. But more importantly, we will be encouraging our spiritual leaders to prayerfully seek the rebuilding of the spiritual altars of our cities, not as individuals or even as congregations, but as the united Body of Christ.

As we seek this spiritual transformation, we ask you to pray for our ministry. What I have put forth in a few words stands in direct opposition to the plans of our Enemy. We will face spiritual attack (and probably already have!). So pray for us. Pray for us as we seek an all-encompassing transformation that will empower the Church to bring life to peoples and nations around the world.

God bless you!

Tyler Lennon
Life Connections International

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