Our Vision is . . .


Our Vision is Unity
within the
Body of Christ.

At LCI, we envision a united Body of Christ, in all of it’s marvelous diversity, each part working in harmony with one another, whether locally or abroad, that the kingdom of God might be advanced, and that life – life in Christ Jesus our Lord – might freely flow to the nations.

Our Mission

The Mission of LCI is to be a catalyst for Unity within the Body of Christ, nurturing connections among leaders and ministry organizations in order to create lasting partnerships that will prepare God’s people for works of service, promote outreach to surrounding communities, and to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We achieve this through the following three areas of emphasis:

  • Communicate – At every opportunity LCI communicates God’s heart for unity among His Children.
  • Cultivate – LCI cultivates relationships that foster transformation, both individually and corporately.
  • Connect – LCI serves to connect churches, organizations and individuals, thereby forming partnerships or networks that individually and collectively further the cause of unity.